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Moto Tech Trailers specializes in building a camper with comfort and quality in mind. We build a trailer with the absolute best quality products to make sure that this toy hauler is as tough as the riders and racers that use it and abuse it. The lightweight Moto Tech Trailer will be a great addition to your racing adventures and also a great investment for those traveling across the country. A true lightweight trailer that is built to last!

0ur Toy Haulers
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Moto Tech Trailers are built with quality in mind. All our toy haulers have an aluminum framework so they are very lightweight and very easy to haul around. The framework is 100% aluminum with a reinforced frame and walls with aluminum studs every 16".  The exterior seamless paneling is made from fiberglass reinforced plywood and the interior is made of nylon reinforced plywood. Both materials are very easy to keep clean and are very durable, not denting or scratching easily like most aluminum trailers. All lights are bright energy saving LED's to make counter work or outside lighting the brightest it could be with the least amount of energy possible.


Our Financing

We offer professional financial services that specialize in recreational equipment financing. They offer a safe and efficient finance process with tailored terms to dealers and retail customers in most states. We can help people with a credit score as low as 530 and the can help people with prior bankruptcy's.

We can also provide rates on a trailer as low as 4.25% for qualified individuals. They make owning a Moto Tech Trailer much more affordable and help people out to get them in a Moto Tech Trailer no matter what the issue is. .

*The National Pandemic with Covid-19 has interrupted our normal daily business functions. Deliveries and shipment schedules have been out of the ordinary. Extensive wait periods can be expected and unpredictable for all. We are working diligently to process all orders.  Please continue to be patient with us. Thank You. 

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